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Artist Statement


'My practice responds to themes around our interconnectedness to the natural world and how these connections offer parallels with the everyday intricacies of the human experience.

Growth, Transformation, dormancy and renewal; The cycles of the seasons set the pace yet we often resist these natural patterns in our own lives and relationships;  The ephemeral moments that we overlook, yet long to cling to once they’re gone.

I record these intricate shifts whilst walking or running. Explorations of organic process evolve through manifold observations and snapshots of the tiny details in whisper thin natural forms versus shards of discarded materials. The shapes and the tangled lines, the contours, layers,  patterns and edges, fractured and fluid.

During my research, I create an iterative diary of my environment through collecting, drawing, collage, paint and fragile 3D assemblages precariously taped, pinned and balanced; as if on the verge of collapse.

The Materiality in my practice is a response to these fragments of time and brevity, strength and fragility.  Using prosaic everyday discarded packaging, theatrical spaces emerge and form an enforced observation platform, illuminating the overlooked and the hidden details of nature’s vitality.  Broken Slate Roof tiles are the support to tarnished metals, Packaging and papers, corrugated card and tissues that dissolve.   Meandering lines of wire find form and arteries of paint flow in the folds of peeling paper. 

Imbued in these backdrops are themes of intimacy, opposition, vulnerability and the shapeshifting nature of motherhood and the body'.

Alison's  earlier  career in Creative Services and store environments for Premium Fashion Retail Brands enabled her to  work collaboratively with Artists and Makers from many  disciplines. 

 This work included designing window concepts, visual merchandising  and Interior styling.

 The work had a  theatrical sensibility  albeit in a commercial setting.   The tiny stages and sets she creates for organic forms in her painting practice have  evolved from this embodied multi disciplinary background.

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 by Alison Cook.

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